5 Poker based movies that can inspire you

Poker has certainly evolved over the years acquiring name in the online templates as well. Online casinos have been a boon to many poker players who don’t want to or don’t go to the poker rooms. Movies have also brought in many more new players to the table. Influencing most of the public, movies have often developed an interest in poker in many of the people and have got them to play the game. These movies are most inspiring and bring in a boost for the players and give them more of a blood rush to play the game with full passion and concentration. Now take a look at these great breath-taking poker movies: –


This Hollywood movie hit the theatres in 1998 and was a Mike Hodges directorial. Starring Clive Owen as the main lead, this film is about a writer who, at a later stage, opts to take the job of a game table operator at a casino. The protagonist, after that, discovers that describing his new job in a story of his own would be a gem of an idea. He then writes this different story from a croupier’s perspective rather than from a player’s front. You can become such a professional poker player at IDN Poker.


This John Dahl directed movie came out to the public in 1998. This movie is based on a friendship that involves one friend trying his best to help his other friend to pay off a huge loan he owes. This complex plot then gets the main lead to go back to gambling and play high stakes while still being in love with his leading lady. He also simultaneously pursues his law degree while being a poker player, as you can do at Situs Judi Deposit Pulsa. This movie was a success at the box-office and was readily liked by the masses. If you’re influenced by this movie, then start your poker career at IDN Poker.


The old-time movie of 1965, mainly focusses on bringing in the poker trend into the public and moving ahead of the pool hustling activities. The plot revolves around a kid played by Steve Mcqueen, who thinks of himself as a great poker player, which in reality, is not the case. This is very relevant to some of the fish players and helps them get aware of the reality of the game of poker—Polish your skills in this game at Situs Judi Deposit Pulsa.


The 1974 James Cann version of The Gambler is sort of more of a real-life inspiring movie rather than just focusing on poker. The main lead is found to be less obsessed with poker than to danger and self-destruction. But one of the characters named Axel just keeps on betting only to pull himself deep into the well of trouble. He often believes that the fun of betting is losing and believing this is a horrible situation for a gambler. Going forward, the protagonist just makes the public go awe with Axel’s desperate chase for the next move.

Movies have always somehow played a role in various aspects of life. These casino or gambling centric movies were a craze in their specific timelines, and even many of the players take the best feeling of the play by watching them over and over again.

Post Author: Maya Jose