Pokies or Slots – The Right Term to Use the Slot Machines

Pokie is the term that is used to refer a slot machine. This is the short for the term “poker machine” The constant usage of the term has ended with converting poker machines into pokie.

Poker machines were actually placed next to the slot machines in the casinos. The constant usage of the poker machines and slot machines made it unnecessary for the casino lovers to just refer to both the machines with the same term, which gave birth to the term Pokie.

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Pokies and Slots – The Difference

The term pokie is not quite famous in all places in the world. Pokie is normally used by casino games lovers, and some people still refer to poker machines as poker machines and slot machines as slot machines.

The term pokie is quite famous in the Australian casino game loving community, when compared with the casino game lovers in the other countries. Hence, if you ask for a pokie in the US casinos, then you will surely get a weird look.

Apart from pokies and slots, poker machines and slot machines are referred with different words in different countries such as,

  • Fruit machines in England
  • Puggys in Scotland
  • One-armed bandits in the other places, which still follow the tradition of using the old-fashioned slang for the machine.

Poker machines came into being in the 1900s and are in great demand since then, by the casino game lovers. In the beginning, the machines offered video poker options, and as technology improved, these were used as slot machines.

Post Author: Maya Jose